At Special Landscape, we know that lawn mowing in Texas can be a tough job, that seems never ending. You get the lawn mowed, turn around five days later and it needs it again. We’re proud of the lawn mowing services we provide. Give us a call if you need your lawn mowed, we’d be happy to help – 972-365-0588

Here is what we'll do:

  • Mow Lawn
  • Weed Eat
  • Edging
  • Blow all clippings

Best Lawn Mowing Practices

Sure, you could hire the teenager down the street to mow your lawn, but you won’t get the quality you expect. With Special Landscape, we take mowing your lawn seriously and we’ll do it right. Incorrect mowing is the cause of most lawn problems. Your turf consists of individual grass plants and each plant has requirements to stay healthy. There are right and wrong ways to mow your lawn.

lawn mowing

1 - Mowing Height is Very Important

There is a one third rule in lawn mowing. Never cut more than one third the length of the blade off at a time. Scalping your grass too short will lead to burn out and weeds. Taller grass means deeper roots and more shade for the crown of the individual plants. This makes your lawn more drought resistant in the heat of the summer.

2 - Sharp Blades are Very Important

Rather than making a clean cut, dull blades will shatter the top of the grass plant. This not only causes the grass blade to have brown ends, but leaves it more vulnerable to diseases.

3 - We Pay Attention to Details

We will trim areas that we cannot reach with the lawn mower. We will also edge concrete borders (walks, curbs, driveways) with a string trimmer. We will blow clean all concrete surfaces, patios, decks, parking areas and streets so your home or business looks neat and clean when we are finished.

Convenient Lawn Mowing Programs

We make it easy to use our professional lawn mowing services. You can pay by check, credit card or money order. For monthly services, we'd be happy to setup a convenient payment program where we will charge your credit card that we have on file each month for the previous month's work. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your well kept yard.

Without proper mowing techniques, your lawn won't be as healthy or look as good. Call Special Landscape at (972) 365-0588 for professional, reliable and affordable lawn mowing services for your home or business.


Let Special Landscape & Sprinkler take care of all your lawn's needs.



I get so many compliments on my green grass! Your team mows and edges - the automatic sprinkler system waters and I sit back and enjoy! Thanks for doing such a good job!

Tammi Sue, Dallas TX

Our Services

Lawn Mowing

We’re proud of the lawn mowing services we provide. Give us a call if you need your lawn mowed, we’d be happy to help.

Lawn Maintenance

We now provide full scale residential and commercial lawn care maintenance, landscaping, and tree care services.

Sprinkler Services

Our staff has years of successful experience in design, installation, and maintenance of all irrigation systems.

Fence Services

Our team of experienced professionals will provide complete custom-built fencing services to fit your particular needs.

Seasonal Color

Our goal is to create unique and high impact plantings around your commercial or residential property.

Tree/Bush Trimming

We offer professional tree and bust trimming. That includes cleaning out deadwood, and pruning low hanging branches and debris removal.

Landscape Services

Through our landscaping services, we have transformed backyards into relaxing retreats with beautiful flower beds, meandering pathways and more.

Mulch/Leaf Cleanup

We can take care of your landscape bed cleanup and mulching or getting rid of all the leaves your trees leave you each year.